We’re stoked to bring more attention to this next featured artist, please welcome to the stage a young up and comer (like really young) from Brisbane producing under the name of Tokyo Twilight.

At 16 this kid started releasing music with real high-quality sound design, really quite a mature sound for someone still in high school. It’s rather common  these days to see the same kinda blueprint/sound coming from young Aussie producers, so we found it so refreshing when we saw the direction Jack (aka TT) was taking his project. I think the results really speak for themselves . . .

We, of course, wanted to get to know this rising talent a little better, so thought we’d throw a few generic (yet essential) quick-fire questions at him earlier in the week. Here’s what he had to say alongside the guest mix and tracklisting at the bottom.

What have you went for & how have you chosen to use your 30 mins in this mix?

I’ve collated a bunch of my favourite tracks that have inspired and shaped my sound over the past year, along a few of my own tunes ;)

How long have you been doing what you do? 

I used to DJ school discos back in grade 8 for a bit of extra cash, and that led me on to messing around on Garageband then Ableton. I’ve been writing songs now for about the past 4 years, but things have kicked into gear in these past 2 years.

What swung you into electronic music?

I was watching the movie Tron Legacy one day and was obsessed with the sound track for ages, I then discovered that Daft Punk wrote it so I started listening to more of their songs, I then discovered electronic music and instantly fell in love.

How do you best describe your sound?

I always struggle to come up with a specific genre for my music cause a lot of my music sounds different each other, but I’d say Ambient Electronic would sum it up best.

What’s the game plan for the new 18?

Networking! And also hardcore writing. I’m trying to write something at least every day no matter if it’s terrible or not. Some of my best ideas have already spawned out of this so it’s working quite well at the moment. I’ve also been playing a lot of gigs around south east Queensland.

& what about production, or shows in the pipeline ?

I can’t give away any dates for new singles, but i’ve got two exciting things coming up! First one is a little Vallis Alps edit i’ve done (it’s also in the mix) which will be coming out in a few weeks time, second is Jungle Love Festival this year! I’ve got a few mates coming along to cover guitar and bass so it should be an exciting new take on my typical live set.

The whole Aussie scene is growing by the min, so many gems out there now. So, if you could pick any other Aussie to collab within 18, who would it be?

Man there’s so many great Brisbane acts at the moment, the electronic scene is absolutely taking off here! I’m workshopping some ideas with Riverine and Tom from MTNS at the moment, but i’d love to work with fellow Brissy locals Golden Vessel and Akurei eventually, they’re producing some incredible stuff.

& what about one hot tip, one act you think is about to pop & will be the next big thing?

My good mate and school peer Marco has just released one of my fav tunes of 2018, it’s titled “When I Was a Ghost”. He’ll dominate the scene soon for sure, at least I hope so.

Lastly, hope this is not too personal, but if you had to pick one, avo’s or mangoes for rest of your life where would your allegiance lay?

Damn that’s tough, but i’m gonna go with Avos. Mainly because they’re available all year around They’re sort’ve like that best friend everyone has that you don’t have to talk to all the time, but are still your best friend. Mangoes are like having a crush on a foreign exchange student, only lasts a few months before they go away.

The xx – Reconsider (Jamie xx Edit)
Bonobo – Don’t Wait
Twigg & Stone – Winter Nights
Vallis Alps – Young (Tokyo Twilight Edit)
Bonobo – ID
Tokyo Twilight – Little Things ft. TOBI
Lonelyspeck – Settle
George Fitzgerald & Bonobo – Outgrown
Jon Hopkins – Everything Connected
Jamie xx – Just Saying
Akurei – Floating ft. Nico Ghost