For the featured artist of March, please welcome to the stage OH BOY.
Will (aka Oh Boy) is an Auckland raised, now Sydney-sider producer that’s been making some waves with his upbeat sound.

We best describe this sound as something of the ‘Candy Crush’ movement, made big by other Aussie artists like Wave Racer. What we did notice and really enjoy with Oh Boy’s music is the different collaborations with vocalists like Mallrat and Sam Bluer. For us, this gives the tracks a lot more full song structure compared to some of the more sample based approaches you might often find in the Jersey Club genre.

Oh Boy started picking up pace with earlier his earlier singles “Bunny Island” and “Rush Hour” finding traction and airtime with FBI Radio, as well as Triple J. But for us, the track that really grabbed our attention was ‘Love Me Right’ featuring Sam Bluer.

Alright, we, of course, wanted to ask some generic, yet essential questions at William to get to know him a little better.
Check out the mixtape here, with some quick fire questions and track-listing below.

What have you gone for & how have you chosen to use your 30 mins in this mix:

When I construct a mix I use whatever I’ve been listening to of late, as well as music by my friends and some from myself! It’s never really genre specific or what I think others will enjoy so much, I use them more as another creative outlet for myself dependent on my mood and what I’m liking around that time! I have a lot of fun filling them with voiceovers and silly effects and if I get a chance to throw some songs in that I think might educate others (in terms of discovering something new or old) then I’ll try to do that too <3

How long have you been doing what you do?

I started getting into DJ’ing in 2010, although I had wanted to DJ at a really young age mainly because of my Dad! His names Hikurangi aka Rob and he’s integral to the way music shaped me and my current life. I felt as though I had reached a creative limit when it came to DJing and became really interested in production but had no idea where to start! I took acid for the first time and it lead me to sort of figured out in my brain what I needed to do to start making my own music, I’m not sure how it happened but it felt like I understood, I started teaching myself how to produce and really started to take it seriously in 2015 and that’s when I decided that it’s what I want to do! So I’m basically in my 3rd year now and I’m really enjoying it <3

What swung you into electronic music?

To be honest I actually HATED anything that wasn’t Hip Hop, Rap, RnB and Reggae/Island until I started DJ’ing. It sort of opened my mind to another world of music and I’m super thankful for that.
A club night in Sydney called Starfuckers (at Club 77) was really important too! I feel like that’s where I really learnt to DJ. I experienced so much in terms of going out culture and being open to so many different types of people and it definitely changed me as a person. Jersey Club though, if it weren’t for the genre I definitely wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing right now. Shout out to the era when Soundcloud was good <3

How do you best describe your sound?

It sounds really cliche but it’s mostly expression for me. I make whatever I feel like in that moment and I think people will be able to figure out what I’m trying to convey with my new music as each of the next few releases sound completely different from each other and completely different from my past releases.

What’s the game plan for the new 2018?

I’m so excited for 2018 omg. I’ve been working with a whole bunch of incredible artists of all sorts and have so much music in the works! I’ve also been working on clothing just as much as music so far this year and I’m really going to push that combination together, I have a lot of plans and visions I’m manifesting into fruition, I can’t exactly talk about everything right now but I’m excited.

When can we expect your next release?

For my first single for 2018 we are looking at the 13th of April , it’s called ‘You See Me’ and it features incredible Sydney vocalist Imbi The Girl.

The whole Aussie scene is growing by the min, so many gems out there now. So, if you could pick any other Aussie to collab within 18, who would it be?

I think my dream Australian collab this year would be making a disco/dancey kinda song with The Babe Rainbow, I literally love them and their music and I’ve seen them play twice now and can’t think of many shows I’ve had more fun at.

& what about one hot tip, one act you think is about to pop & will be the next big thing?

I honestly can’t just pick one! So I’ll list a few that I think will have incredible years this year! Muki, Tanssi, Imbi The Girl, Lover, Ninajirachi, Blessed, a band called The Planets and omg there’s actually so many more but they were the first to come to my head

Lastly, hope this is not too personal, but if you had to pick one, avo’s or mangoes for rest of your life where would your allegiance lay?

Omg, this question actually hurts me. I’m allergic to avocado and I only found out in the last 2 years and it sucks because I LOVE AVOCADO, so I guess I’ll have to with Mango, I’m working on beating my allergy but it takes times.

1. Lovers Bounce – Jared Jackson
2. Love Me Right (feat. Sam Bluer) – Oh Boy
3. Faceshopping – Sophie
4. Back (feat. Lil Yachty) – Lil Pump
5. Yo Venis – FS Green
6. Humble (R3ll Remix) – Kendrick Lamar
7. Why You Wanna (R3ll Remix) – T.I
8. Same Drugs (Teez Remix) – Chance the Rapper
9. Out of My Head (GANGSIGNS FLIP) – Charli XCX
10. Owe Me (Midas Hutch Remix) – Nas & Ginuwine
11. Monkey Disco – The Babe Rainbow
12. Rush Hour (feat. Mallrat) – Oh Boy
13. 911/Mr Lonely – Tyler The Creator
14. After The Storm (feat. Tyler the Creator & Bootsie Collins) – Kali Uchis
15. Undecided – Pouya & Fat Nick
16. ID (UNRELEASED) – Oh Boy