For February’s featured artist of the month we’ve reached out to two lads by the name of Logan and David from Adelaide. The boys have been working together as a Duo for around two years and go by the name of Kuji Koo!

The track that really grabbed our attention was Fortitude feat. Ollie English, super catchy vocals with production that sounds something like an early disclosure, but maybe even a bit funkier. We heard this end of last year and since then had wanted to get the boys on board soon as we could.

So, please treat yourself to their 30 min mix here and just below that is a bunch of quick Q’s we threw at them earlier in the week, as we try to get find out their deepest and most intimate secrets.

What have you went for & how have you chosen to use your 30 mins ?

We picked artists that have inspired our own production and tracks that keep us moving. We put in some of our own remixes (backstreet’s back) and our first 2 releases ‘Fortitude’ feat Ollie English and ‘Galaxy’ feat GRCO for that Kuji Koo kick.

How long have you been doing what you do?

We first started using a loop stacking program called Deejay when we were 14, which is where it all started. We decided to get really serious about 2 years ago, decked out the back shed as a studio and haven’t looked back since.

What swung you into electronic music?

We’ve both come from similar musical backgrounds, playing in the school concert bands together. Dave has always been a drummer and I’ve always been a piano player. I (Logan) have an honours degree in Jazz piano Performance and Dave is a qualified sound tech, we’ve both played in several different genre bands over the years and found our heart in Electronic music. It’s versatility and current relevance in the Australian scene is what swung us. We can play our instruments live and have that creative outlet in shows but can also play club dj sets. It’s a match made in heaven.

I heard you had a little bit of a run in with the infamous Chris Emoh recently?

ah yah! we recently co-wrote a track with What So Not. Flux Festival had been cancelled here in Adelaide and he had the night off, we were at the party of a friend who knows him. He rocks up with laptop and interface, Logan tracked some chords, Dave tracked some drums, and we watched him produce this track out of thin air over 6 hours in this party shed. It was really inspiring and taught us a lot about the dedication and focus needed in the industry.

How do you best describe your sound?

We are still working that out, but it’s a mixture of House and Future Disco.

What’s the game plan for  2018?

We are currently working on our first EP, titled Starship Synthesiser EP. It will feature more vocalists and our first instrumental-only tracks. Then we plan to book club shows around the country. We are also working on our live show consisting of Live drums and stacked synthesisers, should be fun!

We recently put up our second release ‘Galaxy’ feat GRCO on soundcloud and we got a new remix of a track by our friends Blue Sky Holiday coming out in a few weeks. So, stay tuned for that!

The whole Aussie scene is growing by the min, so many gems out there now. So, if you could pick any other Aussie to collab within 18, who would it be?

So many options, we have been listening to a lot of Close Counters new record, and love it! They would be a special collab. We’ve also been vibing heavily on Touch Sensitive and would love to go there.

& what about one hot tip, one act you think is about to pop & will be the next big thing?

We really dig Wolfjay’s joints, incredibly creative and solid production.

Lastly, hope this is not too personal, but if you had to pick one, avo’s or mangoes for rest of your life where would your allegiance lay?

Mangoes all the way down!