Kilter is once again on the road for a national tour to celebrate the recent release of his debut album ‘Through The Distortion’. If you roll back the clock, it was 3 years ago Kilter did ‘The Monthly Mix‘ for us, he was just starting to break through at that time and had just signed to etcetc. From there he just proceeded to move from strength to strength – Sold out tours, festivals like Splendour And The Grass and now the release of a full-length album.

We had our man Nik Damianakis down at Max Watts In Sydney to check out Kilter’s live show and grab a few shots:

On On arrival, FEKI was on stage supporting and warming up the venue as the crowd begun to roll in. By the time KILTER walked on stage the place was pretty much full and the audience was hungry. Two songs in the event is in full swing, the venue is packed to the doors and he is getting full crowd participation, the audience jumping and singing along with Kilter in time. It was brilliant to see the Kilter live show up close in personal, really refreshing to see such a live spectacle from an Australian producer. A unique take on live djing/live performance, playing his electric drum kit and keyboard on stage, as well as spinning the decks.He looked as though he was completely taken in by the performance and in his element. The coloured lighting, strobe lights and smoke all added to the atmosphere of the night and I think that was emphasised by the good vibes and reactions Kilter had from his audience. Definitely an amazing experience and after hearing all this music live, I’m even more interested in getting into this new album.