For October a Brisbane artist steps up to the place, please give a warm and healthy round of applause for the genre-defying Cliftonia.

This is an artist that has been on our radar since the release of his last single ‘I’m Looking For‘. This track has a mix of Rnb and house that caught us by surprise, if forced to describe it, maybe we’d say stick Wave Racer, Motez, Dusky in a blender and your results might sound something a bit like this.

Dance Club Media House are not the only ones taking notice of Cliftonia, he’s already got the tick of approval from triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe and found airtime with the station, not to mention landing gigs at Splendour In The Grass, Future Music, Falls festival. Ya know, just some casual festivals.

Earlier in the week, we, of course, threw some quick fire question at this young up and comer, to get to know him a little better. It’s been a while since Clif’s last release, so we were stoked to hear what he’s working on now, check out some unreleased tracks in this month mix, followed by tracklisting and a few quick Q’s below.

What have you went for & how have you chosen to use your 30 mins in this mix?I wanted to make a mix for you guys with unreleased tunes and some of my weapons that I play out in my sets.

How long have you been doing what you do? I began Djing in 2010 in Brisbane and over time I was lucky enough to have played in most of the major clubs. I only recently have been getting into production.

What swung you into electronic music? I have always enjoyed electronic music and all the many styles that range from disco, tech house, jersey, funk, soul, future bass. What swung me into electronic music was going to music festivals when I turned 18 and seeing incredible artists perform like Soulwax, Boys Noize, Justice, Mr Oizo, Canblaster, Sam Tiba

How do you best describe your sound? You will find a unique sound that is stylised in an array of flawless melodies and meters with a magnetic bassline.

What’s the game plan for the new 2017? My latest release has I’m Looking for has gotten me excited so my plan for this year will be to work on more productions

The whole Aussie scene is growing by the min, so many gems out there now. So, if you could pick any other Aussie to collab within 17, who would it be? It defiantly has it’s really nice seeing a few of my friends releasing amazing song after song, there are so many great Aussie artists I wouldn’t know where to begin with when it came to doing a collaboration

& what about one hot tip, one act you think is about to pop & will be the next big thing? I think I’d have to put my money on artists like Mark Maxwell and Tyler Touche.

Lastly, hope this is not too personal, but if you had to pick one, avo’s or mangoes for rest of your life where would your allegiance lay? My allegiance is defiantly avos, I have never been a fan of mangos even though my hometown is Brisbane.

Full Intention – It’s Set To Groove (Downtown Mix)
Misiu – All A Dream
MANT – Bodywerk
Mele – Sunshowers
Inner City – Good Life 2017
Cliftonia – ????
Young Franco – About This Thing (feat. Scrufizzer)
Tyler Touchè – Moon Landing Is a Hoax
KlangKuenstler – Pop Dem Bottles
Detlef – JayDee