Alright, we’ve got a tasty little guest mix here from our next featured artist, please welcome to the stage a young Queenslander that producers under the name SHAN.

A beatsmith who finds the textures in music as important as the melodies. This project is inspired by the likes of Kaytranada and Tame Impala, its kinda fun and boppy with some great percussion, but he also has some darker work too.
Taking a different direction he has another project under the moniker ‘FX‘, think of artists like Xxyyxxx/James Blake/Lapalux/Fly. Also not to be missed is ‘Safety Club, a hip-hop collaboration Shan does with rapper Ronnie Uno.
Kid’s been busy, ey!

Anyway, we, of course, wanted to get to know Shan a little better, so we thought we’d throw some generic (yet essential) quick-fire questions at him earlier in the week.

Check the mix here and tracklisting at bottom of the page.

What have you went for & how have you chosen to use your 30 mins in this mix?

I wanted to go on a bit of a journey through some really textural stuff and then get down with some head boppers later on – so that’s what I did. Worked my way through Flylo/Monte Booker etc. through to Knxwledge and Mndsgn. Basically just lots of my influences.

How long have you been doing what you do? 

I (attempted) to play in bands for a long time (I sucked), but started focussing on producing about two years ago. Since then I haven’t done much but make beats.

What swung you into electronic music?

I honestly think it was this one old interview with Flylo where he said that he thought the most important thing about music to him is texture. That really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on music. Electronic music gave me infinite possibilities in exploring new sounds/textures – I fell in love.

How do you best describe your sound?

I’d say smooth, textural, bouncy beats. I like to think that tucked away in my tracks there are little bits of Kaytranada, Monte Booker and Tame Impala.

What’s the game plan for the new 2018?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the debut SAFETY CLUB EP, which I’m ridiculously excited for. It has been a long time coming and definitely has some of my best work in there. Once that’s done, we’ll be playing hella shows. If you like my beats, you’ll get around SC.

Once that’s done, I’m evolving the shan set to include some guitar stuff and more wild beat mashing/live shenanigans.

Somewhere in there I’ll drop a few new tracks, and start playing live with FX. It’s gonna be a busy year!

You were kind enough to give us a sneak peak of a new release ??
Yah, yah, I chucked a cheeky unreleased demo at the start of the mix for my next single, purple fanta sea, so I’m keen for everyone to cop that in a couple weeks.

FX dropped a new song last week too, GONE, so give that a bump!

The whole Aussie scene is growing by the min, so many gems out there now. So, if you could pick any other Aussie to collab within 18, who would it be?

Oooo I saw the dude Arno Faraji open for Smino/Monte Booker not long ago. If you’re reading this Arno, SURELY we make something together. Surely.

& what about one hot tip, one act you think is about to pop & will be the next big thing?

My boy Freer only has a few tracks out right now but he is ridiculously talented. Everyone should go watch him open for Cabu at TBC on the 13th of July!

Lastly, hope this is not too personal, but if you had to pick one, avo’s or mangoes for rest of your life where would your allegiance lay?

Why would you do this to me?  (avocado gang we out here)


shan – purple fanta sea (unreleased demo)

autumn keys – 604High

Melo-Zed – Overtired

Flying Lotus – Getting There (feat. Nikki Randa)

Ravyn Lenae – Venezuala Trains

rx Soul – I Was On a Trip (feat. The Kount)

Monte Booker & Naji – Mona Lisa

shan – excuse me

Knxwledge – shuremng

Mndsgn – U&YAFRENZ

Kaytranada – BUS RIDE

shan – money moves (bodak yellow remix)